Monday, March 21, 2011

A Slavic Easter… The Tradition Continues

A Slavic Easter… The Tradition Continues

‘Twas the day before Easter and all through the house,
The Hrutka was hanging, even tempting the mouse.
The beets were boiling and I was grating with care
Because the horseradish aroma was filling the air.
The Paska was sticky, it was a big lump of dough
I kneaded to plump it so it would grow.
Raisins were added, then into the pan
Where inside the oven it began to brown and expand.

With baba in the kitchen and dzedo taking a nap
I began cracking walnuts, leaving the shells in my lap.
Opened jars of lekvar were soon everywhere,
Filling rolls of kolachi were all I could bear.

Two dozen boiled eggs were waiting to cool
For coloring in pastel yellow, pink, green and blue.
Softening for the mold was a pound of sweet butter
How I prayed that my counter would be free from this clutter.

The salt shaker was cleaned and filled to the top
Leaving only the meat before I could stop.
Smoked kielbasa and bacon and brown-sugared ham
Why couldn’t they just bless cans of ready-to-eat Spam?

Finally on Sunday with filled baskets in hand
And while singing "Christos Voskrese" the congregation did stand.
With candles and incense and blessings for us all
We bidden each a Happy Easter and left the church hall.

At home the family gathered to begin the holy meal
But shortly thereafter I wondered if it was all real.
Within an hour of eating everything that they were able
My family was too full to clear the dishes from the table.

Happy Easter to All! Christos Voskrese! Voistinnu Voskrese!

By Elizabeth Andreycak
This Easter poem is dedicated in loving memory of Anna Kanuck and Catherine Andreycak.

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  1. We make an Easter basket as well- just a few more weeks! :)



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